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Elder Law is a legal practice area that focuses on the unique legal issues affecting senior citizens, including estate planning, healthcare, long-term care planning, guardianship, and protection from elder abuse. Elder Law attorneys are equipped to provide legal assistance to seniors and their families, and they understand the complexities and nuances of laws and regulations that affect the aging population.

Overall, Elder Law attorneys work to protect the legal rights and interests of seniors, providing guidance and support to help them navigate the complex legal landscape and plan for a secure and comfortable future.

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What does the surviving spouse get?

Estate Plans Can Protect against Elder Financial Abuse

Posted on: October 17, 2022 | By: David Parker, Esq.
According to experts, despite increased phishing emails and robocalls, it is far more common for financial exploitation to be committed by people who know the victim, such as relatives, caregivers, neighbors, or ‘friends.’
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CDPAP will pay you to take care of Mom.

Rehab - Who Pays the Bills when Medicare Runs Out?

Posted on: October 13, 2022 | By: David Parker, Esq.
No one planned that Mom or Dad would have to end up long term in a nursing home and they can’t afford the cost after Medicare payments run out.
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An elder law attorney can help with paying for a nursing home

Do Hospice Patients Recover?

Posted on: October 7, 2022 | By: David Parker, Esq.
How common is it for a hospice patient to recover, and what care is recommended after?
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Work on your Estate Plan

There are Less Restrictive Alternatives than Guardianship

Posted on: September 29, 2022 | By: David Parker, Esq.
Although laws vary from state to state, every state requires that less restrictive alternatives be considered before invoking a guardianship. These might include such vehicles as limited guardianships, powers of attorney or assisted decision-making agreements.
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Estate Planning is one part of Elder Law

Understanding the Issues of Elder Law

Posted on: July 22, 2022 | By: David Parker, Esq.
The three main areas of focus for elder law attorneys include health care, estate and tax planning and guardianship matters.
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Don't make these estate planning mistakes

What are Benefits of Pre-Planning My Funeral?

Posted on: June 1, 2022 | By: David Parker, Esq.
Questions around death planning can feel overwhelming: Cremation or burial or natural organic reduction? What will your family want, and what will it cost? Do you really need to think about all this if you're young and healthy right now—or can you put off these decisions until you're older or dealing with a life-threatening illness?
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In-Home Aide is a life saver

Tips on Finding the Right In-Home Aide

Posted on: May 13, 2022 | By: David Parker, Esq.
As you age, you may need help to take care of your health but want to live independently in your home.
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Where is your Health Care Power of Attorney ?

How Bad Is Caregiver Burnout?

Posted on: May 6, 2022 | By: David Parker, Esq.
A new study showed that caregiver burnout is becoming a growing problem.
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CDPAP will pay you to take care of Mom.

Is Your Incapacity Plan in Place?

Posted on: May 5, 2022 | By: David Parker, Esq.
You may lose the ability to manage your own affairs as you grow older. Therefore, it’s necessary to have an incapacity plan in place.
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Calculating Required Minimum Distribution

What Do I Need to Know About Long-Term Care Insurance?

Posted on: May 4, 2022 | By: David Parker, Esq.
Long-term care insurance covers expensive nursing care needs. However, is it a good investment? Here’s what experts say about what you should take into account.
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