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Elder Law in New York

Elder law firm in NY

At the Parker Law Firm, we help clients plan for the future with comprehensive estate planning services. This includes assisting with elder law, which focuses on the considerations our clients must make as they grow older. Our experienced attorney can help you with all aspects of elder law, such as establishing guardianship, creating a power of attorney, and planning for Medicare and Medicaid, senior housing, and long-term care.

If you or an aging loved one needs legal services to plan for the future, trust our compassionate and knowledgeable elder law attorney David Parker. He helps clients in White Plains and surrounding areas protect their assets and make smart estate planning decisions that suit their unique situations. 

Senior Housing and Long-Term Care Planning

Preparing for the future is critical. Partnering with an attorney can help you make important decisions that will impact the rest of your life.

Why Is Long-Term Care Planning Critical in Estate Planning?

As you grow older, you may wonder how you and your family will afford the high costs of nursing homes or other senior living facilities. Senior housing may provide essential care and medical services, but it may cost tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, often causing residents to spend all of their assets. An elder law attorney can help you create a plan to preserve your wealth, such as procuring long-term care insurance while you still have your health and planning for Medicaid early. 

What Does Medicare Help With?

The federal Medicare Program provides health insurance for people over 65, helping them afford home health services, hospital stays, and other healthcare expenses. While Medicare may help you afford certain kinds of medical care, it won't cover the high costs of a nursing home. The Parker Law Firm can help you create an estate plan that considers long-term care costs not covered by Medicare. 

New York Medicaid Planning

Medicaid, a separate federal program managed by individual states, provides help to eligible individuals. This need-based program covers many senior housing residents, but without long-term care planning, you may have to deplete your assets before becoming eligible. Our estate planning attorney understands Medicaid's complexities and regulations and can help you make a plan that provides the financial support you need while preserving your legacy for future generations. 

Early Medicaid planning can prevent ineligibility caused by the five-year look back period. When you apply for Medicaid, the program will look at your assets to determine if you qualify. If you or your spouse transfers assets to a family member or into a trust within five years of your application, you may face a penalty period of ineligibility.

Elder law attorney David Parker can help you preserve your wealth without incurring penalties. He has the knowledge and experience to help you with every aspect of your Medicaid and long-term care plan. He'll explain how nursing homes collect payments, including Social Security income, private payments, and Medicaid. 

White Plains NY Elder Law

Transitioning Into Senior Housing in New York

At the Parker Law Firm, we understand the emotional and logistical struggles that come with moving to a senior living facility. You or your aging loved one may consider the following tips to ease the transition into a skilled nursing facility in New York:

  • Consider the costs of aging in place. Although many people prefer to remain in their homes as they grow older, some cannot afford the costs of necessary renovations and ongoing living expenses. Assess your financial situation to determine if senior housing or staying put will suit you better.
  • Start planning early. An elder law attorney can help you establish a plan before a medical crisis forces senior housing upon you. Let us help you integrate long-term care into your estate plan to preserve your assets in the event of a nursing home stay. 
  • Research senior housing options. Nursing homes only represent one type of senior living facility. Explore your options, including retirement communities, assisted living homes, and facilities devoted to memory care.


Whether you need to establish powers of attorney or you need legal representation for a guardianship petition, our law firm can help. We have decades of experience with guardianship proceedings and other estate planning matters that establish who has the power to make decisions on your behalf.

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Elder Law in Westchester county and Rockland Area:

Elder law is a specific and complicated area of the law which requires you to work with an elder law attorney to get the best outcome for your loved on. Elder law is another aspect of estate planning, focusing primarily on the needs of families and individuals as they age. Issues of aging include senior housing and home care, long-term (or nursing home) care, guardianships and health care documents, Medicare and Medicaid.

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