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Estate Planning in New York

White Plains NY Estate Planning

If you don't want the New York court system deciding what happens to your assets and dependents after you pass away or if you become incapacitated, you can work with an attorney to craft an estate plan. The Parker Law Firm can help you prepare the proper documents to control the management and distribution of your assets and dictate who will make important financial and medical decisions if you cannot. Attorney David Parker has more than two decades of experience helping singles and families in various situations plan for their futures. 

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Last Will and Testament

Without a last will and testament, New York courts will determine how to distribute your assets based on a set of predetermined rules. Unfortunately, you may not agree with how the courts will manage your estate. Attorney David Parker can help you craft a will that includes all the essentials, such as who will receive guardianship of your minor children and who you want to receive particular assets. 

While a last will and testament can help you ensure your children will go to trusted relatives or friends, it won't keep your estate from entering probate court. If you want to prevent your family from having to deal with the often inconvenient, long, and public probate process, you may talk to Parker Law Firm about establishing trusts for asset management. 

Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

A revocable living trust prevents probate by establishing beneficiaries for assets held in the trust. In the event of your death, your named beneficiaries will automatically and privately receive their inheritances with no need to go to court. You can maintain complete control over your assets during your lifetime while ensuring your family members will have the resources they need if you can no longer provide for them. 

A living trust lawyer like David Parker can help you develop a revocable trust that suits your individual situation. He can assess your estate and help you make smart decisions for ideal tax outcomes. He can also help you choose a reliable trustee to manage your assets according to your wishes.

If you leave your estate planning to our living trust attorney at the Parker Law Firm, you'll receive guidance to ensure a smooth trust establishment process. Attorney David Parker will listen carefully to your needs and take your concerns into account to produce a watertight trust.

Powers of Attorney

You may have a specific person you'd like to handle your financial decisions if you become unable to do so yourself, and you can legally name them through a power of attorney. This document may give your designated person, called an "agent," the legal authority to access bank accounts, pay your bills, make business decisions, sell or buy assets, and make other financial choices.

Estate planning attorney David Parker can help you create a power of attorney that clearly dictates what the agent can and cannot do on your behalf. For example, you may want to add a modification that lets your agent perform other estate planning duties, such as tax planning or gift giving, or you may want to stipulate a particular limitation.

Power of Attorney in White Plains, NY
Healthcare directives

Health Care Proxy

Have you considered who will ensure your medical care suits your wishes should you become incapacitated? You may have a person in your life who understands your preferences on how medical staff and caregivers should treat you, such as your views on resuscitation or nutrition. A healthcare proxy can help you plan for unexpected situations and ensure your wishes are respected. 

Our wills and trust attorney at the Parker Law Firm can help you legally name your preferred agent to make medical decisions for you if you become incapacitated. The agent you name in your healthcare proxy will gain the ability to make medical decisions for you once two doctors agree that you can no longer do so yourself. David Parker will help you craft this document to grant a trusted person access to your medical information and authority over your care. 

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Estate Planning in Westchester county and Rockland Area:

At the Parker Law Firm, we believe that proper planning can save your loved ones from the difficulties and stresses of facing these emotional issues when you’re gone. We’ll help protect your assets from nursing homes, poverty or government agencies that wish to take your money after you die. New York estate planning attorney, David Parker, will create the right plan for you and your family.

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If you let our experienced attorney handle your estate planning needs in New York, you'll have a helpful, caring lawyer at your side every step of the journey. Attorney David Parker understands the importance of customizing every estate plan to the needs of each family or individual and can help you create a suitable plan. Schedule your free 15-minute discovery call today to learn more about our estate planning services.

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