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What are Some Sure Signs of Dementia?

November 12, 2021
David Parker, Esq.
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David Parker, White Plains and New City NY Estate Planning Attorney
David Parker, Esq.
David Parker is an attorney who specializes in Estate Planning and Elder Law and has been practicing law for 30 years. Be it Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxies, or Medicaid Planning, David provides comprehensive and caring counsel for seniors and their families. A large portion of David’s practice is asset protection strategies so that families do not lose their hard earned savings to nursing home care costs. He also handles probate administration for the settlement of estates.
It can be scary, to not trust your own mind. That is the betrayal sufferers of dementia feel every day—and there are many of them. "Of those at least 65 years of age, there" are "projected to be nearly 14 million by 2060," says the CDC.

“Dementia” is a general term, so its symptoms can vary widely from one person to another. Those suffering from dementia have problems with the following symptoms, says Eat This’ recent article entitled “Sure Signs You May Have Dementia, According to the CDC.”

Memory. "Dementia is not a specific disease but is rather a general term for the impaired ability to remember, think, or make decisions that interferes with doing everyday activities," says the CDC. "Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia. Though dementia mostly affects older adults, it is not a part of normal aging." Memory loss, such as forgetting events, repeating yourself, or relying on more aids to help you remember (like sticky notes or reminders), is a key signifier.

Attention. Your mind might wander, or you make many mistakes, like misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps.

Communication. You may have new issues with words in speaking or writing. This can include trouble following or joining a conversation or struggling to find a word.

Reasoning, Judgment and Problem Solving. These are challenges in planning or solving problems, such as trouble paying bills or cooking recipes you’ve used for year.

Visual Perception Beyond Typical Age-Related Changes in Vision. If you are having more trouble with balance or judging distance, tripping over things at home, or spilling or dropping things more often, it is a sign of dementia.

Other Signs That May Point to Dementia. The CDC days these can be other worrying signs:

  • Getting lost in a familiar neighborhood
  • Using unusual words to refer to familiar objects
  • Forgetting the name of a close family member or friend
  • Forgetting old memories; and
  • Not being able to complete tasks independently

Contact your doctor if you're in need of help. "A healthcare provider can perform tests on attention, memory, problem solving and other cognitive abilities to see if there is cause for concern," says the CDC. "A physical exam, blood tests and brain scans like a CT or MRI can help determine an underlying cause."

Reference: Eat This (Oct. 3, 2021) “Sure Signs You May Have Dementia, According to the CDC”


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