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New York Probate

New York Probate In The Yonkers Area

If you require the services of a probate lawyer to help you administer the estate of a loved one who recently passed away, look no further than the Parker Law Firm serving Yonkers. With over 20 years of experience assisting New York clients in the probate process, our attorney David Parker can help ensure that the wishes of the deceased person are respected. He can assist you in validating a last will and testament, collecting all necessary documentation, and resolving any conflicts that may arise between family members and the executor of the estate.

Our goal is to make the probate process as stress-free as possible during this difficult time. Place your trust in the Parker Law Firm, and we will work to make the process as smooth and swift as we can.

What is Probate Court?

Probate refers to a legal process that confirms the will of a deceased person before distributing the estate assets. The probate process can cause a great deal of anxiety for family members due to its complexity and duration. An estate may remain in probate for months or even years if any party makes claims to specific assets or accuses the executor of wrongdoing. All assets tied to an estate must go through the probate process, unless the decedent utilized certain estate planning tools like living trusts. The assets that must go through probate include real estate, personal property, bank accounts, stocks, safety deposit boxes, and other assets in the sole name of the deceased person.

Probate in Yonkers NY
White Plains NY Preparing For Probate Court

Essential Documentation

The court will approve or appoint an estate executor to manage the estate administration. This person is responsible for asset appraisals, paying creditors, and transferring assets to beneficiaries. One of the first steps for an estate executor is collecting the necessary documents to file the probate petition. These documents include the following:

  • The decedent's original will and a copy of it
  • A certified copy of their death certificate
  • Relevant affidavits

Attorney David Parker can help you identify these documents. You may require an Affidavit of Heirship if your deceased loved one has only one surviving heir or is only survived by cousins.

Seek guidance from our New York probate lawyer to ensure you have everything you need to successfully file a probate petition.

Preparing an Estate for Probate Court

If the deceased person’s will names you as executor, you have numerous responsibilities, from filing forms and settling debts to paying all required taxes. Unless you work in the probate field, you may become overwhelmed by the daunting list of tasks you must complete. Many people work with probate lawyers to alleviate the pressure and stress of administering an estate through probate. An experienced estate planning attorney like David Parker can help you stay ahead of looming deadlines and make the proper filings to prevent further delays to an already-lengthy process. Book a call with the Parker Law firm today to find out how we can help to ease some of the burden and reduce stress levels during this time of grief.

Trust Our Probate Lawyer for Guidance and Representation in NY
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The Parker Law Firm in White Plains works with estate executors to help them through the probate process. If you face the daunting task of serving as an executor, having the right probate attorney at your side can make a world of difference. We’ll help you navigate this complicated process with a clear understanding of your rights and responsibilities and use our decades of experience to help you avoid common speed bumps along the road.

Attorney David Parker helps clients in and around White Plains, NY. Book a free 15-minute discovery call now to learn how our probate lawyer can help you with the probate process.

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